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Marc 2Ray ’s Video: -  The Shoah Foundation website with 30 video recorded testimonials from Witnesses of the Armenian Genocide - Taking A Stand Against The Turkish Government's Denial of the Armenian Genocide and Scholarly Corruption in the Academy

 "My Mother’s Voice" is a 25-minute (DVD) documentary based on the true story of a 14-year-old girl orphaned during the Armenian genocide and how she found her way to America to marry a man he knew only from a photograph. Her story brings an epic chapter in Armenian history to life. The Filmmaker Kay Mouradian’s website is  where teachers can request a free digitized video for classroom use.The book, My Mother’s Voice, on which the film is based, can be purchased on Amazon or directly from the filmmaker’s website. - This link has all the Armenian Genocide Films that Dr. Michael Hagopian made  awhich are also available via the USC Shoah Foundation Institute’s Visual History Archive. - Very comphrehensive, plus the Genocide broken down chronologically literally by the day. -Very comphrehensive, plus the Genocide broken down chronologically. - Gen Ed Project: NY Times Articles from 1915, Testimonials from eyewitness accounts, Maps, Books, DVD's, Documents for teaching curriculum -  Peter Jennings from ABC - Congressman Schiff tells the truth to Secretary of State Rice - FOX NEWS and Andrew Kzirian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee,takes about the Armenian Genocide - Armin Wegner Photos - A web site dedicated to the Armenian Genocide - 7 Reasons to Support the Armenian Genocide Resolution Resolution 252 (priorly Resolution 106)